Abortion images do not disrespect preborn children—their victimization does. Efforts against poverty use images of malnourished children. Media present footage of dead civilians in war-torn countries. Holocaust memorials display photographs of Jews killed during World War II. These obviously do not disrespect the dead/suffering.  Images of injustice are irreplaceable in seeking to end atrocities and ensure that they never happen again.

The dignity of preborn children is not violated by showing the images. Rather, it is violated when they are dismembered, disemboweled, and discarded. It is killing children which is utterly disrespectful, not unveiling the victims in an effort to stop further killing. On the contrary, those who use these images value and respect preborn children so much that they expose the injustice in spite of public backlash against themselves.

The greatest respect we can show millions of dead preborn children is to prevent others from falling prey to abortion as well. We have not forgotten them, nor will we allow their dignity to fade from the memories of citizens who perpetuate the injustice, whether by action or inaction.

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