We do not deny the emotional anguish brought upon post-abortive individuals by abortion images. However, these images are not the actual source of the anguish. They are merely reminders of the reason for the pain, which is the individual’s abortion. In fact, abortion images are simply one of many possible reminders faced by post-abortive parents. Seeing a pregnant woman, watching an infant, hearing a sound similar to a suction machine: all of these have been cited by post-abortive parents as reminders of their abortion. The goal ought not to be to remove all reminders of abortion; rather, it should be to help men and women find healing. Indeed, this is what will be truly effective in helping parents recover and learn to handle reminders of the trauma.

Also, it should be noted that in the United States 50% of women who undergo abortions have had a prior abortion.ii Until we reach these post-abortive women with the truth, they may repeat the behavior. We must prevent women and their children from experiencing future suffering by presenting all the evidence.

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